The Dangers Which Every crypto Investor Faces

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Earning crypto isn’t a safe thing. Every investor should be ready to run risks. But it’s always better to know the enemy by sight. Today we’ll show the enemies and tools for fighting them.

Doubtful Whitepaper

Before you decide to invest some money into crypto, always read Whitepapers. Sometimes they are made large and complex to increase the reliability. And the main mistake investors make – they’re too lazy to read it from the beginning to the end. But creators may hide downsides in a large text.

A wallet for profits

Choosing the right cryptocurrency wallet is a key to your protection. Software-based ones are very convenient, but they are often hacked. Hardware-controlled wallets are more reliable, but they are still not safe enough. Your choice is transferring coins to paper-based wallets which are protected by QR codes and keys available only for you.

Lack of knowledge and risk

Always follow the tendencies and look at objective ratings and charts. Investing in BTC or LTC seems reliable and safe, but there are so many names of tokens. Don’t ignore them and run risks. New crypto can bring great profits in the future. Compare the coins using ICO catalog where there are almost 300 of them. By comparing their evaluation, activity, a number of backlinks, traffic and potency one can find a real discovery and invest in coins which will have a great market capitalization.