Start Planning, Saving And Finally Leave Your Village For An Adventure

During my travels, I once met a man who told me he envied me. I had managed to get out of my village and somehow managed to visit his village. His deepest regret is not that he had been born in that village or that he had been educated in that village. It was not that he had married in that village or that his kids had been born in that village. His deepest regret was that he was going to die in that village without ever leaving it to see other villages.

It was easy to plan on the day you will leave a place and go see the world when you were young. Well, those plans lasted until you became an adult and realized life is all about making money and paying bills. If you do not make specific plans for you to travel and just see a little of the rest of the world, you will be stuck working and paying bills for the rest of your life.

Start Planning

Traveling is not about having more money than you can spend. It is about including travelling in your budget just as you do all your bills. It does not matter how long it takes to “pay this bill”, you will eventually have enough to take you somewhere close enough, even if it is just outside the boundaries of your village. This is a great start. Next time, you will simply increase the amount you pay for this bill you have called travel and you will be able to go further.

There are people who have been lucky enough to get jobs that allow them to travel the world. Unfortunately, many of these frequent travelers travel for work. Some hardly ever see beyond their hotel rooms or even the meeting venues. Travelling for work cannot be compared to when they travel for leisure. Some of them promise they will visit again for relaxation but this sometimes does not happen because as you may have found out, unless you make the plans, life will not do it for you.

It is time to stop saying one day you will leave your village. The time to do it is now before you start living with regret like my friend who felt he had cheated life by not exploring more of it.  Travelling is about planning and saving with a purpose. Waiting to make a lot of money so that you can travel may be an effort in futility. Ask those who have tons of money if they have time to travel. There is so much the world has to offer and you will never get a tenth of that by watching travel channels. Once you make it your mission to go somewhere, you will save for it and you will leave your village.