5 Rules of Anonymous Cryptocurrency Transacting Which Bestmixer Keeps To

If you’re a newcomer in cryptocurrency earning you may be unaware that it’s not an absolutely anonymous thing. Once an address or a name was mentioned in transaction – this information can come into government’s or cybercriminals’ hands. For preventing unpleasant consequences cryptocurrency mixers were created. Today we’ll talk about Bestmixer and find out the features which provide users with invisibility.

1. No personal information. The service doesn’t ask to fill in names and surnames, there’s no identification so nobody knows who you are.

2. All data is deleted. When all coins are mixed and the transactions are finished, the story of this process is fully deleted in 24 hours. It means that an income address is deleted too. This makes impossible to keep an eye on users’ actions.

3. Documents that prove transactions. When a client sends coins for mixing an income address is created. After that he/she receives a letter of guarantee which proves the usage of Bestmixer. This confirmation helps in disputable situations when there’re some problems with money.

4. Verifiable letter of guarantee. The confirmation can be easily approved with different services, for example, you can prove its authenticity in a Bitcoin Wallet. Just upload the letter file and wait for the result.

5. No mixing with your own coins. Bestmixer provide the clients with random coins from different wallets. It won’t happen that the sent currency will be returned back to users.

All in all, we see that there’re a lot of reasons for choosing Bestmixer for cryptocurrency transactions. Visit the website to make sure it’s a reliable service.