3 Top Ideas for Storing Garden Hoses – A Guide for Gardeners

Do not know what to do with the hoses? If you want to keep the equipment in order and want to remember about the aesthetics – read this article. We have collected the most popular options.

A mess can discourage anyone from the gardening. That is why it is very important to keep all the equipment and tools in order. Today you will know how other people do it and how to keep everything organized and attractive.

Old buckets and pots

It sounds not very attractive, right? But the key is to decorate them somehow. It is a great solution for those who do not want to spend much money and concerned about keeping things, not throwing them away. Breathe new life into old things!


Special holders

In a shop with garden equipment, one will easily find a perfect option. Such holders may be made of wood, steel, and iron. They have various forms and sizes. The main advantage of these holders is that they need very little space and allow taking hoses without any problems.

A bogie with a spool

This option is the best for those who have large gardens and should move from one corner to another holding a hose. Which color, size, and material to choose depend on your preferences. Be ready that there is a wide choice of such bogies and you will probably find something interesting.

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